Kiran Hydraulics is a leading busbar bending machine exporter in India. CNC-50Z-PS CNC servo busbar bending machine is the equipment used for bending copper, Aluminum busbar. The machine uses a high-power servo motor as the driving force, a PLC control unit.

High processing efficiency, accurate positioning, and the automation level of the whole machine are at the leading level in the industry. It is widely used in high and low-voltage switchgear, transformer manufacturing, box substation, busway and other industries.

(1). Mechanical structure

The machine is designed as an open bending structure, the working platform is whole welded. Through the vibration ageing treatment and heat treatment, removing the internal stress, it can effectively guarantee its stiffness and strength. The main drive part and the work platform are organically connected. It is very easy to take the material in and out and the observation view is very good.

(2). Main drive section

The main drive part of the machine adopts the popular servo drive form, with a novel structure, abundant power and easy operation. No oil pollution in the work area, noise reduction, small occupation area, environmental protection and practical. The output force can reach 350KN, the servo drive is easily controllable, and precisely and accurately linked with the PLC.

It is enough to realize the functions of fast forward, fast retreat and slowly inching, which can improve the processing efficiency and ensure the accuracy of bending, which is unmatched by hydraulic drive machines. Equipped with high-power, large inertia servo motor, optional bending die to achieve horizontal bending, vertical bending, twisting and other processing functions.

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